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HELP!! Forgot to turn in my hours...dog tore my check...printer jammed...power failed...need my check today...took my pay in cash this time...accidentally entered LAST week's hours again?! DATASMITH has helpful corrections.

Use our screen, or your spreadsheet, database, word processor to prepare hours data. IMPORT/EXPORT option reads/writes ASCII files. Easily used with time clock & badge reader systems. Supports single user or LAN.

Twenty years in the field: DATASMITH Payroll is in use today with payrolls from 5 to over 16,000 employees in all states. Sophisticated to handle pension/cafeteria plans, cash or non-cash imputed pay, nontaxable reimbursements, yet easy, sensible operation.

SO MANY WAYS TO PAY... your choice of 16 check styles (including "Stub Only"), or use DATACHECK option to create MICR-encoded checks on laser printer. Direct Deposit available, too: works with YOUR bank!

VERSATILE W-2'S! Supports all Box 13 codes and Form Continuations, continuous 1-up & 2-up forms, mailers with Postal Permits, laser 2-up & 4-up preprinted forms, laser-created forms, W-3. Useful restart preserves totals. Single-form reprint, laser and magnetic media forms, EIC, SDI/SUI, "reporting only" items. Independent contractors get 1099-MISC's with 1096. Also produces SSA MMREF-2 standard file for magnetic media or electronic employer filing.

TRUE SPLIT FICA/MEDICARE on Reports, 941's, W-2's, paystubs. Handles ministers, MQGE, imputed pay. Multi-states, multi- companies.

WORKS WITH WHAT YOU HAVE: self-adapts to DOS, Windows 95/98/2000/2003/XP/VISTA, single-user or LAN environments. Site license included for "no hassle" installation.

TOUCH-TYPE DATA ENTRY for maximum productivity.

Is your laser or ink jet printer ready to print tax forms?
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