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 Privacy Policy

 What About My Privacy?

What will we do with your personal or business information?

We respect your privacy, just as we do our own. Your personal and/or business information has not been and will not be sold to marketing agencies or other such organizations by LPI Information Systems . In some cases, we provide the publisher or manufacturer with your contact information so that they can contact you in the event of a bug or problem in a product you purchased. They may also send you information about upgrades, related products, or promotions. During the order process you may elect not to be included in such promotions.

What about Cookies? This site uses cookies when you use the shopping cart in order for us to associate you with what you are purchasing, and to control access to restricted portions of the site. The cookies will go away when you quit your session or order.

What about Test Data and other private or sensitive company information? From time to time, our clients and prospective clients furnish us with realistic test data in order to develop specific business solutions or diagnose problems. As a matter of longstanding company policy, any such data furnished to us is kept strictly confidential and is not shared with others unless you have authorized it and they have a "need to know". Any such information is kept in locked physical or restricted-access electronic files as long as it is relevant, and then shredded or erased.

What about communication with our others about our business? From time to time, our clients and prospective clients may ask us to discuss their system and/or their specific business matters with others. As a matter of longstanding company policy, any such discussion must be approved in advance by an authorized representative of the client. In the absence of authorization, we do not share client data with others. Since Payroll is a sensitive application, we also require specific authorization before we will discuss client data with other individuals and groups within the client's own organization.

We lost our password: can you help us? In accordance with longstanding company policy, we cannot and will not help anyone "break in" to a system containing sensitive personal data belonging to a company and/or its employees over the telephone. We require written authorization from a person known to us or whose identity and authorization can be independently verified before we will assist in this type of activity. This authorization must specifically identify the person who is to receive the access information. We also require secure physical transfer of the data in question via overnight delivery or secure electronic connection. By design, there are no "back door" security bypasses which can be activated over the telephone in any LPI or DATASMITH products.

We take security seriously!! If you ever have any concern about the privacy of your business or personal information, please contact us immediately.