L P I Information Systems
LPI Information Systems
10020 Fontana; Overland Park, KS 66207
(888) 729-2020 Voice (913) 381-9118 FAX


Enter Previous Cart Number

The Cart Number is a
number of the form
'nnnnnn_nnnnnn' (if placed on-line)
or '5nnnnnn' (if a phone order)
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The Order Number is a
number of the form
or '5nnnnnn'

Easy Reordering: Just enter last year's Cart Number or last year's Order Number into the appropriate space above, and a new shopping cart will be started with the items you ordered last year. Your selections will be updated to reflect the current year and your special pricing. You can review the contents of your new cart and add items, delete items, or change quantities as necessary for the current year. Our robots work cheap...so we offer special "web-only" prices on these items. When you check out, you will be asked to enter your billing and shipping information for the reorder, because we do not keep any sensitive information on-line...only the contents of the cart. Our store offers State-of-the-Art Security!

Our 'SuperCart' store allows you to get your exact choice of product mixes and quantities. It reprices each line item to give you better prices on larger quantities, and also figures total shipping weight for your order as you shop. When you review the cart, it offers you a full range of delivery options and prices. And watch for our web-only special sales!! On any given day, you may find special discounts on selected items, or a special discount on your entire order!!

If you know what you want, simply choose the product category from the handy product Index.

From the Index, click the product number to go directly to the order page. You can also click the item description to browse through the catalog section describing the item. When you find what you want in the catalog, click the link at the top of the catalog page to go directly to the appropriate order page. You can check the total of the items in your cart at any time, and easily add, change, or delete items until you have exactly what you need.

If you have special needs or need a special quotation, just call one of our live human form experts (Toll-Free: 888-729-2020),or E-Mail LPI directly for prompt ordering, or price and delivery information. In just a few minutes, we can create a custom on-line order page just for you! Special pricing is available on larger quantities.

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L P I Information Systems

LPI Information Systems
10020 Fontana
Overland Park, KS 66207
(888) 729-2020 Toll-Free Order Line for USA
(913) 381-9118 World-wide (Voice/FAX**)

** FAX Instructions: SEND before first ring to automatically connect to FAX.
If you have difficulty connecting, listen for first ring and hit "11" until ring tone changes to higher pitch...then SEND.