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Hiring: Drug-Free Workplace

Drug-Free Workplace Poster and Drug-Free Workplace Stickers

Communicate Your Drug-Free Workplace Policy

Make employees and applicants aware of your commitment to a safe, drug-free environment. These products help reinforce your substance abuse policy and create a sense of trust and safety in your company.
  • Poster explains that screening tests for alcohol and illegal drug use may be required, the dangers of drug use, and relevant laws.
  • Stickers adhere to job applications to discourage substance abusers from applying at your workplace.
Drug-Free Workplace Poster, Laminated, Size: 18" x 24" WR0248
Drug-Free Workplace Stickers, Size: 3" x 1", 100-Sticker Roll: WR0259
Drug-Free Workplace Poster and Sticker Set: WR0261

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