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State Labor Law Posters: Colorado-Indiana

Protect Your Company from Fines and Lawsuits with Our
High-Quality Laminated Federal and State Poster Kits
In addition to the required federal employee postings, each state has its own laws which mandate what employers must post for employees and applicants. No two states have the exact same requirements. State poster size varies by state.

Neglecting to post all of the required federal and state notices could put your company at risk for a costly lawsuit or government fines. Get the protection you need with our complete Federal and State Labor Law Poster Kits.

One quick order saves you the headache of contacting numerous federal and state agencies. We know exactly what your state and the federal government requires, and we'll ship out an attorney-approved kit right away.
You'll receive a Federal Labor Law Poster along with all your required state postings in our space-saving ComplyRight® format. For maximum protection, post them in high-traffic areas throughout your workplace.

Already have a federal poster? Order your State Only ComplyRight®
poster for full state posting protection.

StateFederal and State
Labor Law Poster Kit
State Only ComplyRight®
Labor Law Poster
Connecticut ADMINE50CT01E10CT01
Connecticut MERCANTILEE50CT07E10CT07
Connecticut HOTELE50CT08E10CT08
District of ColumbiaE50DCE10DC

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