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ACA Form Preparation Software: 1095B, 1095C

ACA Software
Create and Print 1095B and/or 1095C Forms


This software provides all the tools you need to both create and print your forms, then deliver to recipients and file to the IRS.

  • Captures all essential recipient information to meet IRS specifications.
  • Prints both the Official IRS (landscape orientation) forms and the substitute (portrait orientation) forms for the recipients which fit in DWMR, DWMRS, or DWMRD window envelopes.
  • Prints on either preprinted or blank forms.
  • Provides quick and easy process to upload e-filing to IRS through ComplyRight™ service.
  • Works with most Windows-compatible laser or ink jet printers: Laser printer recommended.
  • Unlimited number of employers/issuers and employees.
  • Search by last or first name, TIN, or company name.
  • Transmittal forms (1094-B and 1094-C) calculate automatically.
  • Data files are password protected.
  • Easy backup and restoration.
  • Print forms with laser or inkjet printer (laser recommended).
  • Vertical and horizontal alignment for perfect fit on preprinted forms.
  • Laser-generated forms can be produced on blank paper.
  • Supports substitute forms 1095C50 and 1095B50 including address blocks for easy mailing in DWMR, DWMRS, or DWMRD window envelopes without requiring two-sided (duplex) printing.
  • Automatic updates available with internet connection.
  • Dedicated online support.
  • Step-by-step user guides walk you through the filing process.
  • Enhanced reporting to see both payer and employee summary and totals information.
  • Templates available in software to import data from MS Excel® files.
Affordable Care Act Software
ACA Software by ComplyRight™ ACA

Special Note on Affordable Care Act E-filing for 2015


  • ACA E-Filing of the IRS copy is required if more than 250 of any single type of ACA form is filed. The potential penalty for failure to E-file is $250 per form.
  • The cost to E-File ACA forms is summarized in the following table:
    ACA E-file service cost per form
    (ComplyRight™ December 2015)
    Number of formsPrint, Mail, and E-fileE-file only
  • The total E-filing cost using ComplyRight software and services is your cost for the ACA Software plus the total "E-file only" service cost based on your employee count and the appropriate figure from the table above.
  • The deadline for filing a paper form with the IRS is the last day of February.
  • The deadline for E-filing a form with the IRS is the last day of March.
  • If you feel you have "reasonable cause," you can file IRS form 8508 "Request for Waiver from Filing Information Returns Electronically" at least 45 days before the filing deadline.
  • Affordable Care Act E-file software testing takes place during November 2015 through January 2016: possibly extending into February 2016 if retesting is required or changes are introduced. The IRS testing protocol is new and has not been used in previous years.

If there is a possibility that you have to file more than 250 ACA forms, we recommend that you take the precaution of filing IRS form 8508 for tax year 2015 in January 2016. This is because there are many reasons that E-filing might not be possible/practical/economical for tax year 2015. If E-filing actually turns out to work for you, the filing of this form will not prevent you from E-filing, provided you don't also file paper forms with the IRS. LPI Information Systems makes this recommendation based upon its 35+ years of business experience. LPI Information Systems is not a CPA or a lawyer, and is not offering this suggestion as either professional legal or financial advice.

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