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Continuous forms are priced in 100's but shipped in 1 continuous strip
PLEASE MAKE SURE your printer can handle
and print 6-part or 8-part forms BEFORE ORDERING!!
Most inexpensive printers CANNOT print more than 4-parts at a time!

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W-2 Continuous 2-Wide

X2 - left W2A
Use DWCL, SWCL, or DWCLS Self-Seal Envelopes with these forms.

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Black Print Carbonless

Form # Description Copies Included
X3 6-PART 2-WIDE Copies A/B/C/D/1/2
X4 8-PART 2-WIDE Copies A/B/C/D/1/1/2/2

These special carbonless blank print 2-wide forms are especially designed for all data processing systems, including most "mini-computers" requiring a 14-7/8" form. These forms are available in 2, 3, and 4 plies (totaling 4, 6, and 8 parts).

Note: The 2-wide form is designed for 132 print positions and 10 cpi. There is no approved format for 120 print positions. If you have a 120 print position printer and legibility is a problem, see our carbonless Employer-Employee Twin sets on page 18.

CONSTRUCTION: Constructed so Federal Copy A and employee's copies are on the right side, and glued together via the right stub. Employer's copies are on the left side of the form.

OVERALL SIZES: 14-7/8" X 5-1/2" (Except Copy A which must be provided to IRS as an 8-1/2" x 11" scannable page.)
Have your Return Address, EIN, and/or other fixed information imprinted
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See the Continuous W-2 Parts Sequencing Guide for further information.

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