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Continuous forms are priced in 100's but shipped in 1 continuous strip
PLEASE MAKE SURE your printer can handle
and print 6-part or 8-part forms BEFORE ORDERING!!
Most inexpensive printers CANNOT print more than 4-parts at a time!

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W-2 Continuous 1-Wide

Special Lightweight Carbonless Paper is used on these W-2 Forms for the best possible impression on all printers.
X17 X17 X17
Use DWCL, SWCL, or DWCLS Self-Seal Envelopes with these forms.

Form W-2, 1-Wide as shown is our most popular W-2 form because of its construction and versatility.  It can be used with large Data Processing systems, Mini-Computers (see Twin Sets) and typewriters.


FORM X17 4-PART: Copy A/B/C/D
FORM X18 6-PART: Copy A/B/C/D/1/2
FORM X28 8-PART: Copy A/B/C/D/1/1/2/2
This form is available in 4, 6, or 8 parts (as listed above).
OVERALL SIZE: 9-1/2" X 5-1/2"
DETACHED: 8-1/2" X 5-1/2" (except Copy A which must be furnished to the IRS as 11" to provide a 8-1/2" x 11" scannable page.)
CONSTRUCTION: Parts 1, 2 and 6 (Employer's) are crimped for easy decollation and distribution by employers.  Parts 3, 4 and 5 (Employee's) are glued and remain as a packet for ease of handling.
AFTER HANDLING: Remove left margin, decollate all employer's copies.  Burst copy A every 11", all other copies every 5-1/2".  Employee's Copies (which are glued on the right) will remain as a set for easy envelope insertion. Our DWCL, SWCL, and DWCLS envelopes are extra-wide to accommodate the right margin. When using the Self-Seal DWCLS envelope, you can simply fold the flap shut...no wetting required...and the forms are securely sealed in the envelope.
Have your Return Address, EIN, and/or other fixed information imprinted
Add Form Imprinting
Click 'Add Form Imprinting' to order: we will contact you to obtain exact imprint information.
If you are using a W-2 (1-wide) scan tax form and your software is programmed for the official IRS form for the current tax year, your software will be compatible.  The IRS has only one format using Copy A (the red Copy), so if you can print the 1-wide red copy, your software is compatible with ANY of the continuous 1-wide W-2 forms in this catalog including the twin sets and mailers.

  • WIDTH: 1-Wide W-2's: The 1-wide W-2 forms are standard 9.5" forms which tear down to 8.5" width...which require 9" pin-to-pin spacing...just like standard blank paper. So you may be able to print these forms even on printers with non-adjustable pin feed mechanisms. The 1-wide W2 forms require the ability to print 75 columns, with the first column beginning 0.5" from the left-edge perforations (or about 0.75" from the center of the left pin feed).
  • WIDTH: 2-Wide W-2's: The 2-wide forms require a full 14 7/8" wide carriage (14 3/8" pin-to-pin) and require the ability to print a full 132 columns: 120 columns WILL NOT WORK!!
  • NUMBER OF PARTS (form thickness): Make sure you are using a printer rated for the number of parts indicated for the forms you are going to use. Consider using the black print carbonless Twin Sets for best results if you are using an inexpensive PC printer. Most inexpensive (under $500) PC dot matrix printers CANNOT handle six and eight-part forms, and the problem is usually the feed mechanism rather than the striking force. We recommend using a printer with a true tractor mechanism (separated from the platen) rather than a pin feed mechanism (attached to the platen)...especially when printing forms with more than four parts. If you have not used similar forms before...or if there is any question about the printers rated number of parts, always obtain samples and run a test before ordering forms with six or more parts!!

See the Continuous W-2 Parts Sequencing Guide for further information.

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